Digital Literacy Resources

 Digital Literacy Curriculum for LBS
Author(s):   CESBA
Published:   2019
Funder:   Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

CESBA created their “Digital Literacy Curriculum for LBS” with the goal of providing a resource to support adult learners to develop their digital skills, gain confidence in the digital world and learn how to access online information.

The “Digital Literacy Curriculum for LBS” contains three components:

The Digital Curriculum Manual includes curriculum to teach various skills essential to the workplace, including learning about computers, the internet, MS Word, email, smartphones, tablets and more. It also has a module about looking for a job. The Student Workbook helps LBS learners to practice their digital skills and learn new vocabulary. The Practitioner’s Guide contains instructions, OALCF assessment, marking guide, suggested resources and a certificate.

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