Digital Literacy Resources

 21 Things 4 Students
Author(s):   REMC Association of Michigan
Published:   Ongoing: web-based content
Funder:   REMC Association of Michigan

21 Things 4 Students is a free digital resource that teaches learners how to navigate online activities such as searching for information, online shopping, online safety, digital storytelling, digital images, data collection and more. The 21-part resource is designed for grades 5-9 and used for grades K-12. It’s very adaptable to the LBS classroom.

The 21-part course is made up for 146 “Quests” which are engaging activities that build technology skills. There are five or more Quests in each of the 21 sections so learners have a variety of ways to master a technology skill.

Each of the 21 sections has:

  • Top animated video or image
  • Introduction to the big idea
  • Learning Objectives
  • Side Menu Showing the Quests
  • Teacher Guide
  • Learning Objectives Slide
  • Resources
  • Print to pdf Ability
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