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 Money Matters for People with Diverse Abilities
Author(s):   ABC Life Literacy Canada
Published:   Unknown
Funder:   Founding Sponsor TD Canada

Money Matters is a free introductory financial literacy program for adult learners that has been delivered to Canadians since 2011 and has reached over 80,000 adults. It was developed by ABC Life Literacy Canada in partnership with the Government of Canada and TD Bank Group and was designed by literacy practitioners.

Developed in direct response to requests from community learning organizations.

The program modules and delivery format are adapted to best meet the needs of learners with various intellectual, verbal, physical and nonphysical capabilities.

  • Seven modules include:
    1. What is a Bank?
    2. Ways to Pay
    3. Needs, Wants, and Spending Plans (also available as an online course)
    4. How to Use an ATM
    5. Understanding Your Paycheque
    6. Money Safety (also available as an online course)
    7. Facing Challenges (also available as an online course)
7 hours of workshop content for seminar presentation

Workbooks available in English and French

All resources can be found here: https://abcmoneymatters.ca/resources/

URL:  https://abcmoneymatters.ca/about/
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