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 Jennifer's Story: Black Mothers as Adult Literacy Learners
Author(s):   Stephanie Fearon, PhD
Published:   February 2021
Funder:   N/A

This publication investigates the power of storytelling in Black communities and how it is used to share hopes and fears and bring about social change. In “Jennifer’s Story”, Stephanie Fearon shares her research conducted with four African Caribbean women living in Toronto and their maternal experiences as adult literacy learners.

File(s):  PDF document Black_Mothers_as_Adult_Literacy_Learners-Jennifers_Story-compressed.pdf
URL:  https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5fdbcc2fabfbd14eb3f5ea8d/t/602c8c4ceb1bd95076a9f105/1613532238139/Black_Mothers_as_Adult_Literacy_Learners-Jennifers_Story-compressed.pdf
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