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 Beyond the Buzzwords: Upholding Human Rights & Equity and Challenging Anti-Black Racism – Equity Series Part 2
Author(s):   CESBA, with Gilary Massa, Human Rights Outreach and Engagement Officer, Toronto District School Board
Published:   February 26, 2021
Funder:   Unknown

This powerful webinar explores many important issues including the following:

  • Implementing a human rights approach to education
  • Ways to increase your ability to talk about race and racism
  • Strategies to address racism and discrimination when they occur
  • Building skills and knowledge to help you better understand and uphold human rights and equity at work

URL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt7RqI1q4No&list=PLvUfpAkjLx9-FwRPytyw4pUyvgzpadXkl&index=3
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