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Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials

Author(s): The LearningHUB
Published: 2023
Funder(s): MLITSD

This 2-course series is an introductory Bookkeeping course that teaches bookkeeping basics and how to use QuickBooks Online.

Learn the nature of accounting and how careers in accounting compare to bookkeeping. You will explore the characteristics of a corporation, partnership, franchise and sole proprietorship business and the importance of double-entry accounting. You will classify the accounts of a service business as assets, liabilities or owner's equity; understand the relationship between an income statement, revenue and expense accounts and owner's equity; and analyze and record transactions in the general journal.

After completing the accounting knowledge needed to be successful, you’ll learn how to set up a new company in QuickBooks Online, understand the information displayed on the Dashboard, how to find what you’re looking for, how to create new transactions, and what buttons and fields do on transactions. You’ll learn the steps necessary to set up suppliers, enter expenses, and track bills and reconcile accounts in QuickBooks Online.

File(s): PDF document Skills for Success Curriculum Resource Cover Page FINAL - Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials.pdf
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