Underrepresented Groups (SFS)


Adapting to Change

Author(s): Community Literacy of Ontario
Published: 2023
Funder(s): MLITSD

This resource provides an overview of adapting to change and strategies for dealing with change. The

Adapting to Change resource is designed for learners with Level 1 skills in Ontario’s Literacy and Basic Skills

Program. It has links to both the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework and the Skills for Success


The resource also introduces some of the Skills from the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills’ (OLES) Skills

for Success model. The Skills for Success model was introduced in May 2021 by the Government of Canada

as an update to its well-known model of Essential Skills. While there are 9 Skills for Success, for the purpose

of this resource, CLO has focussed on the Adaptability, Collaboration and Problem Solving

URL: https://www.communityliteracyofontario.ca/skills-for-success/adapting-to-change
File(s): PDF document CLO-SFS Underrepresented Groups-Adapting to Change FINAL_Fillable.pdf
Skills for Success: Adaptability
Problem Solving