Underrepresented Groups (SFS)


Applying for Ontario Works

Author(s): Community Literacy of Ontario
Published: 2024
Funder(s): MLITSD

Community Literacy of Ontario (CLO) is pleased to share our Applying for Ontario Works resource.

Applying for Ontario Works has been created to share information and resources around the process of applying for Ontario Works. Applying for Ontario Works is intended for Ontario LBS learners. It is a beginner’s guide to Ontario Works and how to apply for benefits. Tasks and activities align with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework.

This resource has been designed for learners with Level 2 skills.

While this curriculum resource was specifically written for under-represented groups, the content may have broader application to other adult learners who are interested in this topic.

This resource is designed to be used by learners in various settings, including independent learning, 1-to-1 tutoring, small group and classroom learning.

URL: https://www.communityliteracyofontario.ca/skills-for-success/applying-for-ontario-works
File(s): PDF document CLO-SFS+23-24_+UG_Applying+for+Ontario+Works_FINAL.pdf
Skills for Success: Communication