Underrepresented Groups (SFS)


Earnings Exemptions and Social Assistance

Author(s): Community Literacy of Ontario
Published: 2024
Funder(s): MLITSD

This curriculum is intended to be an overview of the earnings exemptions allowed while collecting social assistance. It does not have all allowable exemptions or deductions. There are many different questions that learners may have, and we suggest that you direct them to their caseworkers for individual situations.

Our intent is to help learners:

  • understand the difference between gross pay and net pay

  • know how to read a pay stub

  • know how to calculate their earnings exemptions

  • know how to enter the information into the forms for OW and OSDP

This resource is designed to be used by learners in various settings, including independent learning, 1-to-1 tutoring, small group and classroom learning.

URL: https://www.communityliteracyofontario.ca/skills-for-success/earning-exemptions-and-social-assistance
File(s): PDF document CLO-SFS+23-24_UG_Earnings+Exemptions+and+Social+Assistance_FINAL.pdf
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