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Disclosing a Disability in a Workplace

Author(s): Community Literacy of Ontario
Published: 2024
Funder(s): MLITSD

Community Literacy of Ontario (CLO) is pleased to share our Disclosing a Disability in a Workplace resource.

The resource is laid out so that learners have an idea of all of the implications of disclosing a disability at their place of employment or prior to being hired. Learners need to understand that it’s not a one-way street. Both the employee and employer share responsibility when working to accommodate a disability. Once the learner has worked through the material, they will have a better understanding about whether it is in their best interest to disclose their disability. In some cases, they will have to disclose if an accommodation is required for the performance of their job.

This resource is designed to be used by learners in various settings, including independent learning, 1-to-1 tutoring, small group and classroom learning.

URL: https://www.communityliteracyofontario.ca/skills-for-success/disclosing-a-disability-in-a-workplace
File(s): PDF document CLO-SFS+23-24_UG_Disclosing+a+Disability+in+a+Workplace_FINAL.pdf
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