Underrepresented Groups (SFS)


Taking the Mystery out of Social-Emotional Skills Part 1

Author(s): Community Literacy of Ontario
Published: 2024
Funder(s): MLITSD

Community Literacy of Ontario (CLO) is pleased to share our Taking the Mystery Out of Social-Emotional Skills Part 1 & 2 resources.

This is not intended to be definitive in the realm of Social-Emotional Skills but rather a document that helps learners understand the many ways Social-Emotional Skills are defined and what they actually mean. In the world of work today, many employers are starting to use these skills when determining who they hire and within their organization to help current employees.

The learner will gain the knowledge that these skills are things they may already use effectively. However, if the skills are new to the learner, they will learn how to use them in a safe environment.

For the purposes of this curriculum, the Skills for Success components within Adaptability, Collaboration, and Communication have been written at a level that is appropriate for Level 1 and 2 learners.

While this curriculum resource was specifically written for under-represented groups, the content may have broader application to other adult learners who are interested in this topic.

This resource is designed to be used by learners in various settings, including independent learning, 1-to-1 tutoring, small group and classroom learning.

URL: https://www.communityliteracyofontario.ca/skills-for-success/taking-the-mystery-out-of-social-emotional-skills-part-1-and-2
File(s): PDF document CLO-SFS+23-24_UG_Taking+the+Mystery+out+of+Social+Emotional+Skills+Curriculum+Part+1_FINAL.pdf
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