Workplace Literacy (SFS)


Retail Math

Author(s): CESBA
Published: 2023
Funder(s): MLITSD

This course has three sections, determined by OALCF level. Instructors wishing to show progress can guide each learner to complete each level. This course is modular and can be delivered/instructed in parts with only one section used, based on learner need and level. What areas of this course a learner completes is at the discretion of the instructor. 

Part 1 (OALCF level 1) of this course contains lessons on counting and making change, using a calculator, basic math operations, measuring time, and writing sums of money in decimal form. 

Part 2 (OALCF level 2) of this course contains lessons on rounding numbers, calculating work hours and pay stubs, understanding fractions, using percentages in the workplace, and calculating decimals. 

Part 3 (OALCF level 3) of this course contains lessons on averages, ratios, and using retail formulas. 

This course design provides learners entering the workplace with the math skills needed to work effectively but can also be useful to secondary school students entering co-operative placements, or learners looking to improve numeracy skills for independence.

File(s): PDF document 3.-Retail-Math.pdf
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