Workplace Literacy (SFS)


Introduction to Frontline Leadership and Supervising Skills - eLearning Module

Author(s): CESBA
Published: 2023
Funder(s): MLITSD

This course addresses leadership in employment areas such as manufacturing, retail, offices, and warehouses. The course introduces the 5 most common styles of leadership, along with information and tips on workplace ethics and behaviours, meetings and presentations, positive language, diplomacy and offering feedback. 

This course may introduce some unfamiliar terms and vocabulary to the learner, although each term is introduced and explained in this course, instructors may wish to review the course first to be sure that it suits the level of their learner - prior to instruction.

Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your address bar. 

When clicked, the link will direct you to an online course about leadership and supervisory skills in the workplace. 

Follow the instructions in each lesson and complete the review task at the end of the course.

File(s): PDF document 4.-Introduction-to-Frontline-Leadership-and-Supervising-Skills-online.pdf
Skills for Success: Adaptability
Creativity and Innovation
Problem Solving