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Newcomer ASL and Communications for Independence

Author(s): Deaf Learn Now
Published: 2023
Funder(s): MLITSD

In this course, Deaf newcomers will learn to navigate various service environments, including the healthcare system, in Ontario. The central aim of the course is to support Deaf newcomers’ independence and comfort navigating Canadian services, and to strengthen their knowledge of ASL and Deaf culture within Ontario.

Curriculum Resource #2: Healthy Living

This resource will focus on identifying ways to keeping healthy, learning health vocabulary, and learn more about exercise, nutrition/healthy eating, sleep, stress, and social factors.

Deaf people face barriers in seeking medical attention and accessing health information due to a lack of information available in ASL and/or being unfamiliar with the English terms used in health care. This module will support learners in learning more about these terms, as well as introduce them to ideas of health and wellbeing.

File(s): Word 2007 document Skills for Success Curriculum Resource Cover Page Resource #2 DLN.docx
Skills for Success: Adaptability