Employment Goal Path Resources

 Common Assessment for the Employment Goal Path
Author(s):   Literacy Northwest
Published:   March 2014
Funder:   Employment Ontario

This resource contains sample tasks and activities that are adapted from the “Selected Assessment Tools”, provided by MTCU and other tools that are currently being used in the literacy field across Ontario. There is a separate section for each of the five OALCF goal paths.

Each goal path section  includes:

a) Index of Activities 

b) Key Development Skills Check List 

c) Assessment activities for each competency, level and task group 

d) Answer Guide 

e) Resource List

File(s):  PDF document EMPLOYMENT SECTION.pdf
URL:  https://learningnetworks.ca/resources-publications/common-assessment-for-the-oalcf-goal-paths-resource-package-literacy-northwest/
Linked to:   OALCF