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 Employability Success! Essential Skills at Work
Author(s):   QUILL
Published:   Unknown
Funder:   Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

With EmployAbility Success! students are able to read about workers in four different entry level jobs and practice the Reading, Document Use and Numeracy skills that are needed for many of their job tasks.

EmployAbility Success! uses genuine workplace scenarios and engaging characters so that students will be encouraged to enter into an authentic work-like experience. Students will:

• read authentic workplace scenarios that enable them to understand how Essential Skills are needed on the job
• learn how workers in each scenario use specific Essential Skills
• practice using the Essential Skill in a similar job task
• reflect on workplace realities with questions, special Workplace Know-How information boxes and discussion opportunities
• complete Overtime Activities that reinforce the Essential Skill already used
• self-Assess on the Essential Skills used in each chapter before and after each module
Ontario Practitioners!

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